Top 10 Underrated Countries to visit in 2021

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Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 underrated countries to visit in 2021. We’re looking at countries from around the world that although perhaps not trendy but have plenty to offer travelers looking for an authentic or unique experience.

10. Romania

Lets open the list of top 10 underrated countries from Romania. What comes to mind when you hear the word Romania? For those who have never visited or can’t trace their own ancestry back to this Eastern European country we suspect the answer is Transylvania or more specifically vampires. Romania’s ties with the iconic tale of Dracula are certainly worth exploring but the nation has far far more to offer than spooky stories. This is a country of historic architecture and medieval sites but the resulting atmosphere is more fairytale than foreboding. It’s also a land of breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you’re walking the cobblestone streets of Sigishwara or hiking the Carpathian mountains, we guarantee that Romania will take your breath away and because the locals are proud of their heritage and traditions festivals and cultural events abound.

9. Kyrgyzstan

Survey 100 people about their travel plans and Kyrgyzstan is unlikely to show up in the results. What it lacks in is popularity. Kyrgyzstan is a land of towering peaks with the Tinchong mountain ranges encompassing more than 80 percent of its total area. What you get is a nation of unparalleled natural beauty and a unique local culture to match, From music and dance to sports like kirk buru and the local cuisine. Everything you encounter in Kyrgyzstan is likely to be a new experience if you’ve got time to spare. Kazakhstan lies just to the north and despite the country’s depiction in a certain satirical film franchise it’s also well worth adding to the itinerary.

8. Oman

Of all the destinations on our list Oman is perhaps the least known of the bunch. Be that as it may, if you’re a traveler who loves the great outdoors consider moving Oman to the very top of your bucket list located on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This small unassuming country boasts an impressive variety of natural spaces to explore from rocky hiking trails to pristine beaches. The grand canyon might be one of the world’s most famous attractions but Jebel Shams will give you a new appreciation. For the power of marketing it rivals the American landmark in terms of wow factor. As you explore the country’s rugged interior you’ll be able to visit historic fortresses and bathe in the waters of various oases or vadis then enjoy some beach time in Muscat along the coast.

7. Ecuador

South America has been attracting increasingly large numbers of tourists in recent years but the spread of travelers is by no means equal across all countries. While the tourism industries of both Peru and Colombia have done quite well. Ecuador, the country squished between the two, is only just beginning to really get the attention it deserves. It might not have a big ticket attraction like Machu Picchu but Ecuador is blessed with uncrowded beaches, a climate that’s easy to appreciate year-round and stunning natural vistas. While Ecuador’s architectural sites are less iconic than those of Cartagena or Medellin it’s got its own fair share of worthy attractions plus if you’re traveling from the united states you can save on conversion fees. Ecuador uses the us dollar as its currency.

6. Poland

Came from the World War II history. Poland is just an all-around awesome place. The country boasts 15 UNESCO world heritage sites including Krakov’s historic center and the ancient Biago Vieja forest. The old town of Warsaw and Torun’s medieval town are also must visits for anyone. With a soft spot for architecture, the rival beauties of Warsaw and Krakov are often debated by locals and travelers alike. Polish food doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves internationally speaking but food lovers who’ve made the trip to its place of origin will confirm that Poland is very much a foodie destination. From a dinner of Borscht and Pierogies through to dessert of Polish Cheesecake Sernique, you’re going to be eating very well. If not particularly light it’s hard not to fall in love with Poland especially when the locals are so friendly.

5. Laos

The fifth on the list of top 10 underrated countries around the world is Laos. It’s often tempting to paint much of Southeast Asia with the same tourism brush in terms of affordability, with the exception of Singapore which is a notable outlier in terms of price. The countries that make up this region of the world do tend to be relatively inexpensive but while the low cost of living, natural spaces and opportunities for adventure may extend across the borders. These countries each have something unique and special to offer. Laos, However, has long been treated as an afterthought or add-on to neighboring Cambodia. In reality it’s a destination in its own right and for anyone who feels intimidated by the crowds of young backpackers the more laid-back off-the-radar. Vibe of laos is perhaps a better choice historic temples lakefront accommodations great street food natural wonders. Laos is the complete package.

4. Lithuania

Looking for a destination where you can escape the crowds without sacrificing on culture, comfort or cool new discoveries then look no further. Lithuania is a nation of diverse landscapes long-standing traditions and a willingness to look forward. Its five national parks encompass a wide variety of natural spaces including beaches, dense woodland and unexpectedly a desert. The calendar is jam-packed with cultural events celebrating music, food, dance and more. Taraki even has a festival that will transport you back to the middle ages in the capital city of Vilnius. One finds beautiful architecture both historical and futuristic as you navigate the city. You’ll be struck by how laid back it feels and yet there’s no shortage of trendy new businesses bars and restaurants to explore.

3. Belize

Sorry friends we’re spilling the beans long by taking this list of “top 10 underrated countries” so long. A secret beach getaway for travelers in the know. Belize is only just beginning to attract larger numbers of tourists that being said. We think it’ll still be a few years before it can truly be called crowded. So what have people been missing out on all these years is where to begin? The Belizean jungle is bursting with wildlife. Trekkers will find much to appreciate about the large swaths of untarnished natural beauty. Nearly a third of the country is protected from development as national parks or nature reserves. Belize is also dotted with ruins from the Mayan civilization which always makes for a fascinating visit along the coast. The country also boasts some truly world-class scuba diving opportunities including the great blue hole.

2. Jordan

Chances are that you’ve heard of a little place called Petra. In case you haven’t, this historical site in ancient city is perhaps one of the most remarkable feats of human engineering you’ll ever lay eyes on. The architecture is literally cut into or perhaps more accurately cut out of pink sandstone cliffs. Petra should be on just about every traveler’s bucket list but so too should the country of Jordan as a whole. This nation is also known for its political stability and safety but it’s also home to ancient roman ruins crusader castles and the dead sea. Wani rum is famous for its petroglyphs but also just looks like an environment out of a sci-fi film. From food and local culture to the area’s impossibly rich history, Jordan is a nation of many diverse treasures.

1. Montenegro

They say that great things often come in small packages and that certainly holds true in the case of Montenegro. Little more than a speck on the map of Eastern Europe. Montenegro is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia and the Adriatic sea altogether. It encompasses only about 5 300 square miles of land. Montenegro feels somewhat out of place however bringing to mind coastal Italy and perhaps Croatia. Montenegro checks all the boxes and yet it has never crossed the minds of many travelers if you can pull yourself away from the coast you’ll find even more to love about Montenegro. As you explore the lush green mountains and the romantic rivers that snake through them.

This was all from the list of top 10 underrated countries around the world. Do you agree with our picks check out our Traveler’s Blog for more amazing blogs.