The Best Tips and Tools to Make Your Business Logos

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Want to get the logo for your business that you want online? Or want to create your unique logo brand for your business?

Don’t worry, and it turns out that the method is very easy and easy for you to learn.

The logo is one of the identities of the brands you have. Not just an ordinary image, but it must have distinctive, iconic features and always make an impression on those who see your logo.

Logos don’t have to be complicated, but simplicity and the concept and meaning in colors and shapes are the main demands because logos can make your brand memorable and help consumers understand what you offer and don’t forget the marketing function.


Elements to look for in logo design.

Before going any further, there are several things that you need to pay attention to in doing logo design, including:

Color Selection

Color determines the character of your business. What should your brand stand out for? The right color will make the identity of your business. Each color has its own meaning and spirit of your business.

Font Type

Pick a font that is classic and easy to read, and has the hallmark of your brand. Just take the example of the Instagram logo. The logo only displays writing in an iconic font.

Icon Shape

Choose an icon that reflects the brand and type of your business. It can see competitors as a comparison.


It is necessary to pay attention to logo components that are easy to understand and not too crowded and simple. But one thing that should not be left out is the balance.

Logo Design Version

You can prepare several logo versions with the same design, shape and font, but the difference is in the layout and color games.


Try to insert the text, and it can be a slogan, tagline, telephone number, or social media account if there is space, and you can enter it.


You need to know where this logo will be used. Is it on the packaging or at the place of business, or in the uniform that will be used? It must be considered carefully because it will not be effectively utilized if the logo is not properly functioning.


Top Tools to Make Business Logos

Currently, many online applications can be used to be creative in making logos, especially for businesses that you are going to or are currently living in. Some are free or paid.

For more details, let’s check out the brief introductions on these Tools to Make Business Logos.



DesignEvo Logo maker is one of the most practical online applications for creating logos. Its use is very easy. To make a logo with a characteristic, it will be easier for you to get with this application. DesignEvo has over 10,000 well-organized templates, so you have huge choices to select to apply your niches.

For use, you only press the Make A Free Logo button to enter the template. The settings in this application are not complicated and have lots of icons, shapes and fonts that you can use.

Flexibility is the advantage of this web-based application by only typing the type of shape or icons you need. Text settings are also very easy by simply typing your company name or slogan.

You can use your imagination by trying and applying the sizes, shapes, colors and fonts available to the logo your dream of. Once finished, you can download the logo in the form of a PNG and JPG file.

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Canva is an online application with thousands of logo templates, social media posts, posters and many other types of designs.

To use Canva, you must first create an account. Canva itself has two versions, a free version and a paid version.

In the free version, you will experience many restrictions from design, font selection and icon shape. To get more maximum results, you can switch to a paid account.

You can get the pro version of Canva for free using the free trial feature for seven days. So it’s enough for you to learn to make a logo design for your business.

After logging into the application, you can choose the type of logo design.

Choose from one of the hundreds of logo templates provided. Then edit the logo according to your wishes and creativity.

The designs you make are automatically saved and can be opened again by clicking All My Design, then all the designs you make are stored there.

For the results of your logo design, you can download it in JPG, PNG and PDF formats. Tools to Make Business Logos



Graphic Springs has a wide selection of templates that you can choose right away.

All the templates in Graphic Springs are categorized into several groups of image types. Starting from familiar shapes, you see to unpopular forms.

Avoid using familiar or popular shapes unless you can creatively edit them.

You can choose to use all available shapes or symbols. You can also select the design templates available with your creative ideas and touches to make them iconic.

This application is free to use, but it will cost you start from $19 to download it in PNG, SVG, JPG format.

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Like Graphic Springs discussed earlier, then this OnlineLogoMaker has a similar interface.

This application already provides various templates, symbols and hundreds of images with categories. But if you have your own images, you can upload them.

OnlineLogoMaker itself is free, but there is also a premium version. All the designs you make will be saved in the application, and you can edit at any time if needed. You can download the design over and over again.

The premium version has one of the advantages, namely that it can download in SVG format and has better image quality than the free version to use it in various sizes of media for printing.

With a free account on OnlineLogoMaker, you can save your created designs and use them again for free next time. Take it easy, unlike GraphicSprings, to download any number of times for free.


These Tools to Make Business Logos are very simple to handle, and you can manage your logo projects in minutes. Nothing is impossible because now the logo you want without spending a budget is possible.

Are you going to make your logo after reading this article using Tools to Make Business Logos? Write a comment below.