Social Media has influenced our lives in a big way

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Social media plays a very important role in every person’s life nowadays. It’s difficult to imagine someone who doesn’t have an account on the social media platforms where he or she communicates and engages with their loved ones. People by nature seek to connect and communicate with each other to be socially active. And, in the age of digitization, social media has provided them ways to be socially connectd on the internet.

By effectively using the unlimited power of social media, we can buy or sell almost everything under the earth without having a need to leave our houses. Social media has made a lot of services affordable and economical. For example, years ago, artists had to rent entire galleries to exhibit their work. Now, they can do it on apps like Patreon and Webtoon.

We can easily get connected to people from all walks of life we never could have met without social media. Social media through Instagram and Pinterest helps us give beautiful visuals which make a lasting impression. Social media keeps us updated with current news trending on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s useful in the following ways:


With the advent of time, people have become busier, and now they hardly find time to meet either their friends or relative in person. Social media comes as a huge blessing as it keeps you connected with your school times friends, your colleagues, and also with your distant relatives sitting in faraway places.

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Give Updates

With the prevalence of social media, now we have faster access to news feeds all around the world with just a click of mouse. In the recent US Presidential election, people all over the world was kept updated about the way the suspense around final results panned out. Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp give us feeds in the real time, which was unthinkable just a few years back.


We are all aware of how a pandemic called Corona has affected all of us for last over one year. But for the social media, we would have never learned about the spread and effects of COVID19 and how to protect ourselves from this deadly virus. It immensely helped us by making us aware of guidelines and preventive measures required to keep it at bay.


It continuously keeps us engaged by giving us opportunities to participate in the discussions, and debates on contemporary topics through likes or comments. Just a few years back, we were not even aware what is happening in our neighbouring towns or villages. That is not true anymore. Now, just by following a particular hashtag, we get connectd to a particular topic or an issue, and also take the required actions if needed.

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Gone are the days when you needed an expensive ad campaign from a well-known agency or a celebrity to sell your product. You can effectively use mediums like Facebook and Instagram to get connected, and engage with your end users almost free of cost. Besides, there are influencers on Instagram who help you market your product and services better than an agency or a celebrity.


Sites such as LinkedIn are very important in developing professional connections. It is a very useful platform for seeking a new job, knowing other professionals within your field, and becoming familiar with the latest trend and ideas that help us grow as a person and a professional.

Furthermore, it can’t be denied that social media has become an integral part of our lives, and we just cannot do without it. It has made our lives easier, better, and has added a lot of value to our personal and professional profiles.

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