Will the Prime Minister be succeeded in getting a vote of confidence? The decision today

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The most important session of the National Assembly will be held today in which a vote of confidence for the Prime Minister will be decided. If the Prime Minister fails, the Speaker will write a letter to the President that the Prime Minister has lost the confidence of the House and a new Prime Minister will be elected.
Following the government’s defeat in the Senate general election in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to seek a vote of confidence from the National Assembly, for which the President convened a meeting of the National Assembly today under Article 91 (7) of the Constitution. What is it.

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An agenda has been prepared for the meeting in which action will be taken under a two-point agenda. The meeting will begin at 12:15 pm under the chairmanship of the Speaker National Assembly. After the recitation, the Foreign Minister will present a resolution of confidence in the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister will seek a vote of confidence from the House under sub-article 7 of Article 91 of the Constitution. The House will be divided for voting and bells will be rung in the House for 5 minutes before the division.

All lobbies in the National Assembly Hall will be locked after all members enter the House. The Speaker, who has given a vote of confidence to the Prime Minister, will go to the right side of the National Assembly with the division number in the lobby. No-confidence members will go to the lobby to the left of the speaker with the division number.

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The bells will ring for 5 minutes even after the voting process is over. Later, the Speaker will announce the result after counting the National Assembly. As soon as the result is announced, the result will be sent in writing to the President and the meeting will be adjourned.

172 votes required for PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan will have to get the support of 172 members to win the confidence of the House. If the Prime Minister fails to achieve the desired target, then the Speaker will write to the President under National Assembly Rules 38 that the Prime Minister loses the confidence of the House. After which the Speaker will ask the Speaker of the National Assembly to re-elect the Prime Minister, after which the National Assembly will elect a new Prime Minister.

PTI strategy ready

According to sources, the PTI has devised a strategy to win the confidence vote of the Prime Minister. Members were directed to reach Parliament House before the meeting. PTI and coalition members will gather in the lobby. All members have been directed to bring National Assembly card with them.

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