Prime Minister Imran Khan’s telephone contact with Bill Gates

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has telephoned Bill Gates to discuss the situation of Covid-19 in Pakistan and the efforts to eradicate polio.

According to the details, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has called Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, to discuss the harmful effects of epidemic diseases on health and economy.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan briefed Bill Gates on Pakistan’s policy on epidemics and expressed confidence in Pakistan’s national coordinated efforts. The Prime Minister also expressed the government’s commitment to counteract the second wave of Corona.
The Prime Minister said that smart lockdown has saved people from poverty and starvation, this time implementation of SOPs is more difficult.

The two leaders also discussed the Ehsas program, with the Prime Minister praising the Gates Foundation’s advocacy for vaccine delivery.

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“This is the pre-eminence of our government to eradicate the Polio from the homeland. We are grateful to the Gates Foundation for its administrative assistance in eradicating polio. The anti-polio drive is being intensified across the country. Our health team is working to eradicate polio.” Will continue to work with the Foundation.

Bill Gates praised Pakistan’s efforts to fight the epidemic, saying that Pakistan fought the epidemic by restoring economic activity.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Bill Gates agreed on efforts to combat polio and epidemics