Kaav Safari Lodge – Where Luxury Meets The Nature!

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With its exotic untamed style of accommodation, the Kabini Kaav resort offers a unique experience. The luxurious resort is simplistic and combines it in the serenity of the greenery of Kabini. The Kaav safari lodge is located at the border of Kabini, which makes it a paradise for wildlife and flora. The equipment and facilities at Kaav are as delicious and cool as their climate.


Kaav Safari Lodge accommodation forms

The Kaav Kabini means quantity and confidence that a handful of guests have the best facilities. So only six rooms are divided into two groups in Kaav. All provide similarly comfortable facilities and first-class amenities. The accommodation forms available are:

Superior Rooms– The 200sq.ft. rooms are decorated in complete harmony with softly decorated luxury and open to the picturesque greenery of Kabini with their private balcony. The air-conditioned rooms have a double royal bed, an in-room bathroom, and a bathtub. Free toiletries and hairdryers and wardrobes are available in order to keep your baggage clean.

Luxury tents– These elegant accommodation facilities are the main attraction of the Kaav Kabini. The room’s arrangement provides a sense of luxury in the jungle. As the name implies, these luxury tents do not sacrifice luxury and provide as many amenities as a superior space. The esthetic beauty and raw experience, however, add to your stay’s indulgence.

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Amenities of Kaav

The Kaav offers other luxury amenities as well as lodging. They have an alfresco restaurant in the house, or even offer restaurants in the room without compromising your convenience. BBQ and fire solutions are available on request to make your friend trips even more memorable and exclusive.

The visitor deck opens into a spectacular view of the forest is another enticing location in the Kaav resort. Early morning bird watching and quiet reading are the most important sites for visitors. The Kaav pool is a luxury swimming pool with tall old Kabini trees that give you shade while you relax.

Free parking is available, Wi-Fi is available, and pay transportation is available from and to the airport or train station. Residents may also use washing and ironing for a surcharge.

Kaav safari lodge activities The Kabini

What’s a lodge safari without a jungle safari adventure? The Kaav lets you walk into the middle of Kabini jungles and get closer to the wild. In their natural habitat, Bandipur and Nagarhole are some of the most open places in the country to observe wild animals. The resort offers expert guides and naturalists to show you around and get the best of the jungle safari experiences from Kabini. Our Kabini Wildlife: a Beautiful Spectacular Fauna blog leads you around Kabini’s various wildlife, so you will know what to expect when you’re on a Safari Kabini.

Kabini’s waters are as attractive as its forests. You may see an elephant or a bison venture for a drink on a boat cruising through the peaceful expanse of the Kabini River. The Kaav provides frequent rides by boat, fantastic coracle trips, and an even adventurous kayaking choice for its loving guests. But beyond pleasant, an evening in the calm and peaceful Kabini Water can immediately touch the true soul of a traveler. Read our blog “10 reasons why we love Kabini” and see why many people love Kabini!

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Also, a stroll along the parks and reservoirs is possible for guests to spend a relaxed evening, learn about the locality, the indigenous cultures, and enjoy the rich wildlife of Kabini. You can also spot some of Kabini’s 300 different bird species singing their happy songs. To learn more, read our blog “Kabini birds” (upcoming).

It is also possible to go cycling in the countryside and discover the surrounding local communities. Though Kabini offers little shopping choice, the raw tribal cultures of the land are covered with little gifts.


You’re planning a booking?

Special packages and reservations are available in the Kabini Safari lodge in accordance with the requirements and specialties of the season. All forms of accommodation are included and there are special rates for weekends and weekends so you can select the best suitability for your holiday plans.

Their work in Kaav is an 8-day package that allows travelers to spend time slowly enjoying the adventures of Kabini. Despite the job requirements, it is also intended for people wishing to break from the routine. The kit includes a small Kaav Safari and an early morning guided nature tour to make you experience the natural biosphere. In addition, activities like coracle boating and biking through the village and on the river are also enjoyable ideas. They also offer an optional full-board meal plan and a sky view of the dark skies that blanket Kabini’s woods.

Reaching Kabini Kaav resort

The resort Kaav is in the district of Mysore. The best way to reach Kav, therefore, is to choose Mysore airport or railway station if you fly from a distance away. It is just 70 km from the train station of Mysore. It is advisable to verify train arrival times to ensure that they match check-in and check-out times for the resort.

Mysore Airport, just 80 km away, offers the nearest airport choice. It will also not be hard to find a taxi or a private car to Kaav. Apart from Mysore Airport, K4-0gowda Airport in Bangalore is another choice (244 km approx).

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Kaav lodge for safari Kabini is among the few resorts that ensure that their carbon footprint is minimized by visitors. It is a resort that is environmentally-friendly and offers sustainable hospitality and other eco-tourism units a high standard. Kaav ensures that the footprints left behind are tracked back and eroded whether it is annual endemic flora or a biogas plant. This enables Kaav guests to enjoy pristine nature without being guilty! Stay in Kaav and enjoy the beauty and harmony of life.