How To Register Free Domains In 2022

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You know, the other day I stumbled upon something special. The website stated that I could register free domains. Of course, I thought, “Hell yeah, I love free things.” And all that I had to do was give all my personal information, jump through 50 hoops, and finally, my domain name got suspended and sold away. A lesson I learned, there are a lot of dangers when you want something for free.

Hey there, This is Naseem from the ArzePakistan team, and today let me show you a few actual ways of getting a free domain name. Our first options, and DotTK (.TK). So, can you get a top-level domain name here completely free? Well, not really, but you could get a country-coded domain name. It just might cost you a lot of stress. Confused yet?

Let me explain. There are two levels of domains, top level and country coded. Top-level domain names are the big boys. They are managed by ICANN, an organization to ensure domain systems work properly. So, there are not a lot of free giveaways that can be done here, but country-code domains are a different story. Most of them aren’t regulated or managed by ICANN. So, think of it as the Wild West of domain names.

As you probably understand by now, domains are not an infinite resource. A domain name represents a unique place on the internet, which means no one else is having that place except you. So promising that you can get any .com or .shop without paying anything, yeah, that’s a bit of a lie. That’s why and Dot.TK only offers a choice from really obscure country-based level domains, like .ml for Mali or .tk for Tokelau or .ga for Gabon or .cf for the Central African Republic, and .gq for Equatorial Guinea. So great. Get an obscure name and be done with it.

Well, again, not that easy since both providers, 99.99% of the time, just give you an unavailable message when trying to get a domain name. If you manage to get in and register, great, you can get a free domain. Just remember that your name can be suspended, sold, or used for scams. Then what’s the alternative? Well, you could get a subdomain instead. It’s not the best option, but it is free and you can get it from reputable providers. So there’s little fear of randomly losing your name forever. For this, I would recommend, 000webhost, and Wix. These three providers allow you to create and even host a website for free, just with ads on their subdomain. Sure, these plans are very limited with their resources, but you get what you did not pay to register free domains.

Even better, let’s kill two birds with one stone and get both a domain and hosting in one cheap shared plan. Most hosting providers offer a free domain name for one year when you buy hosting for at least 12 months. The pros of this are that you can manage all aspects of your online presence in one place. Hostinger has really cheap prices and great performance. Shared hosting plans start at only 2.59 a month with a free domain name included.

Bluehost is super easy to use for beginners and has a great feature package. Tiered shared hosting plans with free domain names start at 3.95 a month. I spend a lot of time digging for the most in-depth information about the providers I feature. This allows me to find the best available deals and discounts.

Well, usually. Just to make it easier, I’ve put all of them in the description, and I’ll make sure to update them as time goes by. And while you’re checking out those discounts, give the article a share.

Do you know what’s the next best thing from a free domain? A super cheap domain. Two providers for this that I would recommend, are Namecheap and GoDaddy, the biggest names in the industry. GoDaddy offers the first year of your domain purchase for just a dollar. Also, it gives you basic privacy protection for free or premium protection for a fee. Namecheap is also great since you get a free domain name and privacy protection for a lifetime. Domain privacy protection means that your info will be redacted from the WHOIS database. And when users try to find information on the owner of your domain, they will instead just see that it’s registered through Namecheap or GoDaddy, instead of seeing your personal information. register free domains

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Big warning here. Before choosing a domain name, make sure to check out how much the domain will renew. Most of the discount prices are very attractive to lure you in, but the renewal might make you rethink your life choices. A domain name can go from $3 to $60 a year, so make sure you’re prepared.

Anyways, you can’t really get a free domain name without sacrificing something. If you want your time, privacy, security, and dignity went, try out and Maybe you were born under a lucky star, who knows? For a legitimate way, there are three options. Grab a free subdomain with providers like, 000webhost, or Wix. Get hosting and a domain name with the same package to save more money from Hostinger or Bluehost, or snatch a discounted domain name from one of the domain name registrars.

I hope I made a few things clear and you won’t go around looking for risky free things on the internet. Right? So, what’s the weirdest domain name you have ever come across? Leave your comment right below here.