Give your home a dash of greenery through Indoor Plants

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Plants are always considered a symbol of peace and calmness. Many people bought houses with garden only to grow plants and to live in a green environment. Having plants around you makes your mind calm and composed, and you can cherish up your mood.

You can grow plants on your terrace, balcony, and also on backward, but if I tell you that, you can grow plants inside your house too. Yes, some plants can grow inside the house and give your home a dash of greenery and positivity.

In this article, we will talk about the types of plants that you can grow inside the house and how to take care of them to live longer.

Best choices for indoor plants

Choosing the right plant will save a lot of time and effort and make your house looks a lot more beautiful and attractive. Here are some of the indoor plants’ choices that you can consider to grow inside your home.

  1. Philodendron

Philodendron is a perfect choice for indoor plants as they don’t need direct sunlight. They can grow in a bright area and for better growth, change the water in the bowl every week till you notice that the root is growing correctly. When the root’s growth is adequate, then change the water every month.

  1. Pothos

Pothos is also known as the Money plant. Pothos can increase the look of the desk, table, wall as it can be structured in many ways. You can grow a money plant very quickly as you have to make sure that you change the water after every 20 days so that there will be no algae left in the container jar.

  1. Aglaonema

This plant attracts most people because of its eye-appealing colourful shades. Planting this will surely improve the look of your house. These types of plants are suitable for bottle container.

  1. Wandering Jew

It adds the aesthetic look to the house. With the help of its purple colour and green in the middle, it attracts many people. To make it grow better, make sure that it won’t get excessive sunlight because it will stop the roots from growing.

  1. Lucky Bamboo

You will find Lucky Bamboo in almost every house and every workplace. It is believed that it brings good luck and favourable to the place. To balance the stems of this plant, cover it with small marbles and pebbles. Cover the plant with enough water to cover the roots and place it somewhere where there is indirect sunlight.

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Types of containers use to grow Indoor Plants

Selecting the right container to grow the plants is very important as if the box is open and spacious, then the plants will grow effectively. So here are the types of containers that you can use to grow indoor plants.

Home Decor Plants

  • You can use recycled glass bowls
  • Old Fishbowls
  • Containers with thin necks so that they can hold the water easily
  • Recycled and old water bottles
  • Jars and slim test tubes

Ensure that you use a transparent container to see the water level correctly and water the plants accordingly.

How to take care of indoor plants

  • Make sure that you water them daily but do not overwater them as it will affect the plant’s growth.
  • Place them in a place where there is indirect sunlight. Overexposing indoor plants to direct sunlight will result in the drying of leaves and damaging the soil.
  • Change the water in the container every 3-4 days to avoid mosquito and algae growth.
  • Place it in a section where the plant looks attractive and also free from any harm.

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So now we know how attractive and how easy to grow indoor plants. With just a few steps, you can quickly develop an indoor plant that will increase your home’s look and bring positivity and good luck. The indoor plants don’t need much care but make sure that you give them the necessary things for their growth and survival and, i.e. water, oxygen and sunlight. So go and grow your favourite indoor plant in your favourite container and make your house more attractive.

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