Best Gifts for My Hospitalized Wife

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My wife Jean was lying on the hospital bed. That was next to me. I just returned from the office. She was admitted, due to a hernia operation.

This was my second visit. Doctors had told her, to not take dinner. I just brought her, some bouquets and a handwritten card.

She was happy, that I came, over, to spent time with her. I talked about, about getting well, soon. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a blue t-shirt, and caterpillar shoes pakistan.

It was nighttime. The nurse knocked on the door. “George, just see”. I put her hand on, her body. It was Mrs. Ryan; she brought some medication for Jean.” Mrs. Wilson, as you’re aware of tomorrow’s operation.” Just have these tablets, with plain water.” She kept it on the table and left.

My wife was taken, to the operation theater. At 5 am in the morning. I was sitting outside, on the chair, and praying.

I recalled, past few days, when she came here. She had taken a week off, from the office.

I want to talk about the gifts, which I brought to her:

  1. A Blanket

The first day was a little stressful. Jean had been busy, in the meeting, the week before that. She was not very comfortable, because the air conditions, was set on cool. So she was feeling cold.

Jean Thanked me for the grey color blanket she kissed me, on the cheek. I kissed her back.”  sweet of you, George”. “It’s my pleasure, Jean”.

  1. Manicure 

One day I was passing by, one of the shops, near our home. I saw an ad about a manicure Packet. It was medium-size, with bottles of manicure.

I took it, to Jean. She was happy, that I brought an amazing gift. Her nails started to lose shine. I brought it at the right time.

She opened it and started to use it.

  1. Indoor Plants

I also became, little uneasy to breathe the same air, in the hospital. There was little sunshine. As the window her, room, was not facing the sun. Apart from that, there were no windows.

This made me worried about my wife Jean. I just bought some small indoor plants, which require less water and sunlight.

Furthermore, some days passed. I felt the difference, the air was much fresh, and was better. Even Jean also told me, that “George, it’s like living near the mountains, which are full of trees.”I nodded.” I am with you on this”.

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  1. Pillow

One day, I was in the supermarket, in the neighborhood. I was buying food and other items. Then I moved upstairs, to check out the latest offers. I came across a pillow, which was soft and comfortable. I thought of Jean. She was complaining of a hard hospital pillow, which was causing neck pain.

I bought it and went to see her. She was waiting for me. When, I gave pillow to her. She was delighted and hugged me. “Thanks, George, for this.” I really needed it”. “Welcome honey”

  1. Sleep masks and earplugs

She was in the ward, where other patients were coming and getting discharged. So there was lots of noise and distractions. Sometimes, there were small children crying. Cleaning the floors by hospital staff

Doctors, were on the round, talking to patients. So when I bought sleep masks and earplugs, I found that Jean was able to relax better.

After that, when I saw her, she was happy and fresh in the mornings.


She was discharged after a day of the operation. Doctors had prescribed some antibiotics. I had cooked some food, for the next few days. She gave me more peace of mind and love. Our relationship became stronger with time. Love you, Jean.

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