Best Gifts for Children In 2021

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I was travelling back home, from a business trip. My checkout time was 12 pm. I packed everything. I was excited to see my family. They were waiting impatiently too. It consists of my wife Jean and children, John, Eliza, and Robert. Best Gifts for Children In 2021

I arrived one hour in advance at the airport. Heathrow airport was huge. My immigration and baggage were checked. My laptop was buzzing with emails, for any messages from the office. There were many meetings, lined up. My secretary Jane called me on Skype and had a detailed discussion on it.

I visited the Amazon website, to check out some gifts for John, Eliza, and Robert. I’m shedding the light on it in detail:



I saw some interesting deal, for Robert. Some books were good. They had basic alphabets. It will be a new learning experience for him. Others had numbers. The third was a colouring book. It’ll be a great experience of learning.

Jean and I will also spend time, with him. My wife is also teaching him, some basic words. She shared her video, with me on WhatsApp.

He is a preschooler.  His siblings also play with him. They too teach him, some basic words, like a brother, sister, and water, etc.


Soft Cars

John is fond of cars. Yesterday Jean mentioned this. The good thing about it is that they don’t break any furniture like glass tables etc. I read, in the description, that they are made of soft material.

He can pull the car, backward, and it will move forward. John can play with his school friends. He can even take it, to school. He can play and exchange it with others.

We all can take soft cars when we drive to the public parks. It will really fun for everyone. Kids can play near the grass. We can even carry in vacations. It’s lightweight to carry, and use.

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Eliza enjoys, making tall towers, with blocks. There are many designs, on the pack. She can learn and enhance her creativity.

Jean and I have kept; she designed buildings, on our living rooms showcases. Many of our neighbours and friends have praised her. She is so generous, that she shares, with John and Robert.

We both like her good behaviour. She even helps Jean, in washing the dishes.

3 D Playing Carpet

I found it very interesting. All our kids can play with 3D carpets. This product comes in different shapes and designs. They can run the vehicles, on different tracks. There are many types of wooden vehicles available.

We can carry on our BBQ parties, where they can play with other kids. Rolling back is easy and, fits well, in the car trunk.


My flight announcement was made. I took my trolley suitcase and laptop bag. My flight was via the Atlantic Ocean. It was a great journey. I enjoyed the view of the sky, filled with clouds.

Jean and my kids were standing in the arriving lounge. I came out, and hugged her, and shook hands with the kids. My sons were looking handsome in cat shoes in Pakistan. Eliza was looking beautiful in pink and yellow frocks. Best Gifts for Children In 2021

The next day, they all got their gifts. My kids thanked me for it. We all dined out in the evenings. We ate pizza and burgers with chips. We came home late.