Best Books for Reading While Traveling On Business Trips

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I was in London, on a business trip. I had some clients to meet. My hotel’s room window was full of snow. It was very cold. I just check my Google Calendar; there were some meetings in the evening. My secretary had prepared all the documents, for the signing. These documents were ready, in my bag. I prepared, everything last night. I had few hours to spare. So the best way, to spend time, I thought of reading some interesting Best Books For Business, which were as follows:

1. It Ends With Us Written By Colleen Hoover

It is a love story between Lilly and Ryan. She opens a new flower shop in Boston. Ryan is a neurosurgeon.

In the beginning, Lily wants a long-term relationship with Ryan, while on the other hand, Ryan, doesn’t agree with her on it.

The twist comes in the novel when Lily’s ex-boyfriend turns up. His name is Atlas. He has witnessed the bad behavior of Ryan with Lily. Atlas tells, her that she has behaved like her mother, who didn’t do when her father insulted her.

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Lily doesn’t agree with Atlas. She advocates his lover Ryan. Atlas shares his number with her. Atlas departs.

Fortunately, Ryan and Lily get married. One day Ryan notices the number of Atlas. He gets angry and treats her badly.

She leaves her home; Lily comes to know that she is expecting a baby. She goes to, Atlas.  Atlas tells Lily to get a divorce from her husband Ryan.

Lily also visits her mother’s home. She also gives the opinion to leave Ryan.

Lily becomes the mother of a baby girl.  She made her mind to leave Ryan and she returns to Atlas.

I found it very interesting; it is a little different from other romance novels. The author emphasizes readers to love someone if the other person respects them as well. Many people end up in an abusive relationship, like the heroine of this novel, Lily.

Some people don’t take a bold step like Lily. They just give their loved ones another chance, but the other person makes their lives miserable.


2. Vagabonding By Rolf Potts

It is a deep insight, for a traveler. Rolf has traveled the world in 10 years. He has experience of it. He shares details about planning a trip.

He understands that every newbie wants to spend wisely. His book gives all the information about the planning of trips while being budget-conscious.

It also emphasizes traveling for a long time, which very few books have, which cover this topic.

I also learned valuable lessons, from this book. It helped me in planning the trip from the beginning.

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3. Leading from Outside by Stacy Abrams

The last one is again, I loved to read, Stacy talks about the injustice done to the minorities. They don’t stand up to get their rights.

Stacy shares her experience, contesting for a governor’s election for the state of Georgia. Sadly she lost it to her contestant. She kept struggling in her life.

She also worked as a lawyer.  Stacy went on to achieve more. She also received an award, in the USA.

Many people are hesitant and nervous, about getting, what they deserve. They don’t appreciate, that they can work for it. They wait for others to get for them. It doesn’t happen.

It was inspired by her life, and the success she was able to get. It made me proud as a woman. Many people think and dream of achieving big goals in their lives and getting a reward for that.

I would recommend this, to others, who are afraid of failure. Stacy also highlights, gives practical, guidelines for those who are looking for the best books to read when starting a business.

The key takeaway, from her book, is not giving up, on the difficulties. The strategies, which are given can bring about, positive change in the company, and help reach new heights.


I was fortunate, to get access to such wonderful books. I was amazed by the valuable lessons, I learned from it. Furthermore, my deals were successfully signed. I flew back home safely. I shared the copies with my colleagues as well. All of them gave thumbs up to the authors.