Best AirPods You Must Have In 2021

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The category of wireless headphones has exploded with a variety of wireless earbuds over the last few years. However, Apple’s AirPods remain the best among them. When it comes to audio quality, performance, customization, and high-end specs, Apple AirPods still manage to be the perfect pair of wireless earbuds. All models feature excellent hardware and deep integration with iOS to become the optimal pick by iPhone users. IPhone users find four options in Apple’s audio lineup that you can consider for elevating sound performance. Here we help you decide which model works best for you because the best pick can enhance the sound and listening experience.

  1. AirPods Pro:

AirPods Pro has the optimal balance of sound quality, brass performance, design, and features that make it the most reliable wireless earbud for iPhone users. It has a compact and sleek design with adjustable ear tips to provide a comfortable fit without any compromise. In addition to its perfect fit design, it also features effective noise cancellation for drowning out the distraction. The sense of musicality increases with its spatial audio features. This advanced feature helps adjust the sound effect as the wearer moves his head. The spatial audio specification is not available in previous models, so this feature makes it exclusive among them. It also has a custom Apple driver with a high dynamic range amplifier to make the sound quality just mind-blowingly miraculous. It makes the sound feels energetic, rich, and boisterous. These features make it the best AirPods to buy for daily use. The spruced configurations of AirPods Pro are as under:

  • Design: Customizable earbuds tips for a perfect fit
  • Battery: battery life last for up to 5 hours with regular use and more than a day within a charging case.
  • Durability: waterproof design
  • Specifications: Spatial audio feature, audio sharing, transparency mode, Hey Siri feature, Automatic play and pause, active noise cancellation, and instant pairing.

AirPods Pro

  1. Apple AirPods:

If you need the best AirPods for calls or the best Airpods under 5000 budget, you can consider the Apple earbuds. The decent configurations with robust integration with iOS make it the best pick for classic iPhone users. It contains all intrinsic features, i.e., noise cancellation, good audio quality, instant connectivity, and long battery life. The Airpods with charging case make it more convenient to use for a long day. Apple has updated this model with the addition of a new Siri Hands-free feature. After the updates in 2019, these best wireless earbuds provide seamless features for an excellent sound and listening experience. The iPhone user can also switch between devices for greater convenience. However, if you want earbuds with a spatial audio feature, increase your budget and go for the Pro version. The only drawback is it charges with a lightning cable. So, if you do not like plugging lighting cable into the AirPods charging case, you can buy the costly wireless charging case. For your assistance, we have spruced up all the specifications below:

  • Design: non-adjustable Earbuds.
  • Battery: battery lasts up to 5 hours with regular use and over 24 hours with a charging case.
  • Durability: no water resistance yet heavy-duty construction.
  • Specifications: Hey Siri hands-free feature, instant connectivity, automatic play and pause function, lightweight design, quick and auto-switching, etc.

  1. AirPods Max:

In 2021, Apple has added Airpods Max to its audio lineup to let Apple’s fans improve their experience. It is the over-ear headphones with a top-notch noise cancellation feature. Apple has beautifully engineered to bring high-end sound quality to let the user boost the sense of musicality. The audiophile will love this wireless headset by Apple because it contains all features that an audiophile can think of. Whether it’s about audio performance, wireless control, adaptive EQ, or comfortable design, this model will meet your expectation. It features adjustable ear cups that help you cut off the noises and voices around your surroundings. It offers luxury audio to let a music lover enjoy the premium sound quality. Like the pro model, it also features spatial audio that helps adjust the sound effect when the user moves the head. In addition to the advanced configurations, it also has a custom apple drive with ten audio cores to provide computational audio for enhancing the listening experience. The only disadvantage is its cost because you will find a long figure when you searched for the best AirPods price in Pakistan. But, if you can afford it, then it is worthwhile buying for a virtual sound experience. The spruced features are enlisted below for quick review:

  • Design: Over-ear headset with customized-fit ear cups.
  • Battery: Battery lasts for up to 20 hours.
  • Durability: Premium quality construction with no water-resistant feature.
  • Specifications: Effective noise cancellation, transparency modes, Hey Siri feature, auto-switching, quick connectivity, and comfortable fit.


  1. AirPods 2:

Airpods 2 is gaining the hype even before its launch because of its latest updates and design. Apple adds the best updates to this model to enhance the performance, comfort, battery, and specs. The specification that makes it worth buying for iPhone users is its exceptional spatial audio feature for a phenomenal sound experience. The best thing about this new launch is it will going to be cheaper than Airpods pro. However, it has almost similar specifications as the pro model. Thus, many people prefer waiting for its launch rather than buying the old version. The spruced specifications are as below:

  • Design: customizable earbuds
  • Battery: battery lasts for up to 4.5 hours and a day with a wireless charger.
  • Durability: no water resistance but premium quality construction
  • Features: Audio sharing, spatial audio, comfortable fit, announced messages with Siri, etc.

Hope! You find this article a useful buying guide for new purchasers. In addition to our informatory detail, let us clear out that there is no option for the best AirPods for Android. However, you can consider the AirPods alternatives to enjoy the true wireless earbuds experience. Many top audio brands provide the most versatile options in this regard.