7 Best Domain Providers to Buy Domain at Cheap Price

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Where’s the best place to buy domain at Cheap Price? Today I’ll tell you why it’s important to pick a good domain registrar and where to buy a domain name and what to look for before making your purchase decision. So why is the domain registrar you pick important? After all, a domain is a domain and they’re the same everywhere right that’s correct that domain itself is going to be the same no matter where you buy it but there are a couple of things you need to look out for when picking a domain registrar things like the UI, how is the management panel.

Is it easy to use, is it easy for you to connect your domain to your website, what is the customer service, what is the ecosystem, and what do they offer as far as web hosting and email hosting? If you’re planning on buying all those things from the same place and lastly what is the price for domain names? is it reasonable? is it affordable?

1. Godaddy

So Godaddy is a popular place to buy domain names and that’s because everyone’s heard of them. They spend a lot of money on marketing and if you go to your computer and google where to buy a domain name, chances are Godaddy comes up as the top result but does that mean you should buy a domain from them? I honestly see Godaddy like a car dealership and not the one you want to do business with. First of all, their base prices are already expensive. Godaddy charges 19.99 a year to renew a dot-com domain making them the most expensive registrar on this list and on top of that Godaddy is constantly trying to sell you overpriced add-ons and stuff that you probably don’t need.

Now Godaddy finally includes free Whois protection which means that they won’t leak your private information without you having to pay a fee every year but they are still trying to upsell you this privacy protection plan.

What does this do? Well, they say it prevents your domain from getting stolen by hackers by requiring two-factor authentication to make changes to your domain name and I’m like wait for a second, why would somebody pay yearly for this? Godaddy already lets you set two-factor authentication on your account for free. So, I don’t quite understand the differences. I really think they’re selling some snake oil here. It’s definitely not worth buying but so many people fall for it and that’s really the gist of Godaddy.

They really push hard to sell you stuff you don’t need. I made a test purchase and I put this 99-cent domain name in my cart and what happened somehow my cart total ended up at over 200. They put the domain name in my cart for five years of registration and added five years of domain protection and the 99 domain that I clicked add to cart on was 200 total.

Perhaps the only unique benefit to Godaddy is that they offer phone support this is not something a lot of registrars offer. So, if you really would like to be able to pick up the phone and speak to a human about your domain name, maybe Godaddy’s a good option but I would strongly caution you to consider other options.

i have a whole video on why you should stop using Godaddy that you can watch over here with a lot more details on the things that bother me about their practices but in general, I do not recommend Godaddy and i would stay away from them.

2. Google Domains

Next up is Google domains. Google Domains is a simple no-nonsense domain registrar offering dot com domains for 12$ a year. They give you free Whois protection and the only upselling they even offer is a subscription to google workspace which is their custom email hosting. The thing that I really appreciate about google domains is its simplicity. You can easily link your domain name to Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and other partners and when I say easily link it, you don’t have to worry about changing the domain’s name servers or managing DNS.

All those concepts that you typically have to deal with at other domain registrars you do not have to deal with at google domains. As long as you’re linking to one of their preferred partners, for example, you could just sign into your wix.com account at google domains and they do some magic and boom your domain name is linked to your Wix site and you don’t have to think about it ever again. Google Domains is my top recommendation for those who are using Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, or another google domain partner and want to save some money on your domain name.

Instead of paying 20$ a year to Squarespace or Wix for your domain buy it at google domains, use their simple integration to link it with your account, and then you’re saving money. You didn’t have to go through any complicated DNS process to link your domain and you’ll thank yourself later.

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3. Namecheap

Next up is Namecheap. Namecheap is a great one-stop shop if you’re looking for a domain registrar that can do it all. If you want to have your domain name, web hosting, email hosting, and other products all on the same website Namecheap is a great place to do that. They offer dot com domain names for about 14$ a year and that is a bit on the pricier side but I think it’s worth it to have that ecosystem of quality products and services under one roof.

Namecheap does offer quite a bit of upsells in the cart section but I think they’re pretty tasteful about it and at least they’re not adding five years of a domain name to your cart when you only ask to add one year oh and whois protection is included. They’re never gonna try to sell you some privacy protection or any shenanigans like that.

The name cheap management panel is decent. Although I feel it could be a little bit simpler. I think it’s still a good match for beginners and again the entire Namecheap system is designed around you having multiple products with them. This is where the management panel really thrives. It’s easy to get to your Cpanel and your inbox and your domain renewal and everything right from the same screen. Overall, Namecheap is a good starting place for beginners who want it all.

If you want your WordPress website and your custom email address and your domain name to all be under one roof and have one website you go to renew your plans at an affordable price, Namecheap is for you. Let me tell you finding the right domain name for your business is essential for people to see the vision of your company. When they look at your domain. Just like finding the right pair of glasses is essential to your vision and style.

4. Pork Bun

Now let’s take a look at the next domain registrar Pork Bun. Pork Bun is a low-cost no-frills domain registrar offering dot-com domains for nine dollars and thirteen cents a year with free Whois protection Pork Bun has no aggressive upselling though they do offer web hosting and email hosting. I personally wouldn’t recommend these products. I don’t find that they’re very high quality and if you want that stuff definitely stick with Namecheap.

Pork Bun’s management panel is a little bit scary. It’s not too much to deal with if you just put your mind to it, read the options and find what you’re looking for but I do wish that it was simpler and easier to understand and I stare at it and go wow that is a lot of switches and text on one screen what do I need to click to do what but overall, I think you can use the Pork Bun management panel.

If you just put your mind to it Pork Bun is primarily a good option for those looking to save money on domain renewals. Domains can start to add up if you have 5, 10, 15, or 20 domain names saving four or five dollars a year on each domain becomes significant and I think that’s who pork bun is really meant for. Pork Bun does offer live chat and email support though it’s not 24/7, so if you ever run into an incident like a domain suspension that requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to wait a few hours to get help.

Pork Bun is especially great for anyone who has been using domain names for years and you’re comfortable with concepts like changing name servers and managing DNS and you’re just looking to save some money on domain renewals.

I’ve personally been transferring a lot of my domain names to Pork Bun because I’m just interested in saving money these days as prices at other registrars keep creeping up year over year. The only cheaper registrar on my list is Cloudflare but they don’t support every TLD. Pork Bun has all the TLDs I need and that’s why I find myself using them most often.

5. Hover

Next up is Hover. Hover reminds me a lot of Google Domains. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to connect your domain name to services like Squarespace and Shopify. A dot com domain will cost you 16-17$ a year which is a bit on the Spendier side but Hover gives you that Google Domains experience without it being owned by google and I know that’s important to some people. I know there are some people out there that try to avoid Google and I understand that so. If you’re saying I really like the appeal to google domains but I just want to stay away from Google, Hover is for you really.

The main appeal to Hover is that simple integration, Its is the ability to easily link with Squarespace, Shopify, and Etsy. However, they are missing Wix integration which I think is a big short site because Wix is a very popular website builder for the most part. The point still stands true that if you want the google domain experience without google, Hover is a great option. However, it becomes harder to recommend as they’ve increased their prices over the years at 16$ a year for a dot com domain.

You’re only saving about four dollars a year over just buying your domain straight from Squarespace or Wix or Shopify and although you are saving money that’s four dollars a year is it really worth the hassle? Not that it is much hassle but is it worth the extra step? is it worth the extra login and the extra renewal every year instead of just buying your domain name at your website builder?

I don’t know I think that’s something that only you can decide. Overall, I am a fan of hover. I like what they’re doing. I just wish their prices were a little bit cheaper. Buy Domain at Cheap Price

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6. Domain.com

Next is Domain.com now. Domain.com is like a slightly less horrible Godaddy but they’re still being compared to Godaddy. So, that probably means you should stay away. A dot-com domain will run you 15.99$ a year and I know what you’re thinking. Wait for a second, you were just saying that you kind of liked hover and hover charges 16.17$ a year for a com so what’s the problem with domain.com and hold on a second domain.com is the only registrar on this list that doesn’t offer basic whois protection for free. Yes, that’s right you will have to pay an additional 8.99$ a year just so that they won’t publish your personal information publicly in the whois database.

This means the effective cost of a dot-com domain is 24.98 a year. Domain.com has the most obnoxious upselling screen of any of the registrars on this list. They have a whole dedicated page after you add a domain to your cart, trying to sell you web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificate, and site lock. All this stuff that you probably don’t need if you can manage to weed your way through the screen without adding something extra to your cart, you can click continue to cart but chances are they probably pulled a Godaddy and added that domain to your cart for two or three years and included whois protection When you were just trying to add the one year of the domain to your cart, to begin with.

The management panel at domain.com is decent and they do offer free SSL certificates via let’s encrypt which I find really ironic because this is one of those registrars that is trying to sell you an overpriced SSL certificate but hey at least if you’re smart enough to turn down the upsell they’ll help you out and give you a free SSL certificate. Overall, I do not recommend domain.com. I can’t respect any registrar that is still charging for basic whois protection. For that reason alone, I would stay away from domain.com to Buy Domain at Cheap Price.

7. Cloudflare

Finally, I’m taking a look at a registrar new to the comparison that I’ve never featured before Cloudflare Domains. Cloudflare domain sells you domain names at wholesale pricing. In other words, They’re not making a profit. You can get a dot com domain for 8.57$ a year. Cloudflare is able to make money through their other enterprise products and services so their domain registrar is a passion project.

It’s clear that it is a passion project though because there are a lot of shortcomings. First, several major TLDs like dot co and dot app, just to name a few, are not available at Cloudflare Domains. Second, you have to use Cloudflare’s DNS management system in order to use Cloudflare domains. I want to be clear here, Cloudflare DNS management is free. So, it’s not like you have to be a member or subscribe or anything like that. It is free to use. However, if you’re not already using Cloudflare DNS for your domain name, I would recommend being cautious and understanding what Cloudflare is and what it does before just jumping into it and buying your domain there.

I have videos about Cloudflare that you can watch to get a better understanding but overall, just be cautious and realize you cannot point a Cloudflare domain to another name server you’re stuck with Cloudflare DNS management. So, keep that in mind lastly Cloudflare domains have no live customer support. There’s no live chat there’s no phone support and there are no handholding resources that make it easy. If you’re new to domain names, it’s really meant for advanced users who are already using Cloudflare and they’re looking to save some money on domain renewals. Buy Domain at Cheap Price

Cloudflare is basically and if you know you know the registrar. If you’re already aware of Cloudflare and the services they provide and you’ve heard of Cloudflare domains well you should probably transfer your domains there. You’re going to save a ton of money. You’re not going to find cheaper domains anywhere else and I think you’ll be happy but if you were just thinking of trying Cloudflare domains because it’s cheap I would probably recommend Pork Bun instead. It’s just marginally more expensive but you have a lot more flexibility over where your domain name can be pointed and you also do have live support available. Overall, I’m a huge fan of Cloudflare domains for advanced users Buy Domain at Cheap Price.

We’ve looked at a lot of options for where you can buy a domain name but I want to sum it up into some categories. The best overall domain registrar that I can recommend, if you want everything under one roof you want your domain, your web hosting, your email hosting, and all of your web products from the same website, I would recommend Namecheap. They don’t have the cheapest prices for domain names, so it only makes sense if you do want everything under one roof but if that’s the experience you’re searching for I think Namecheap does it all pretty well and you’re going to have a good experience there.

So, what if you just want to buy a domain name but you still want it to be simple for that I would definitely recommend Google Domains. You’re saving money over buying your domain from Squarespace or Wix or Shopify but it’s easy to connect to those platforms at just 12$ a year for a dot com domain. You’re saving some money over a site like Namecheap but you’re still getting an easy smooth reliable experience and I can’t say enough good things about how easy it is to use google domains to Buy Domain at Cheap Price.

Now, what if you’re on a budget and you’re saying Christian cut the fluff, I just want a cheap domain name, where do I go, and for that I would highly recommend Pork Bun. Pork Bun has very affordable pricing a dot-com domain is just nine dollars and some change and if you put your mind to it you’ll be just fine navigating the management panel. So, if you’re wanting to save some money and you’re willing to sacrifice just a little bit of that simplicity that a site like Google Domains would bring that’s where I would highly recommend Pork Bun to Buy Domain at Cheap Price.

And lastly what if you say I’m an advanced domain user, I’ve been using domains for years. I’m comfortable with DNS, where should I buy my domain, and for that, I would say go to Cloudflare Domains. Getting a domain at wholesale pricing is just crazy. You’re literally not going to find a cheaper renewal price for your domain name so if you know what Cloudflare domains are. If you’re familiar with manual DNS management, just make the switch. You’ll thank me later.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, where do I buy domain at cheap price? Honestly, I buy them from everywhere that’s because I’m constantly testing different domain registrars for these comparison Blogs but if I had to pick my primary domain registrar the place where most of my domains are held is Pork Bun these days. I’ve really valued keeping the price low on my domain names as I have a lot of them and I’ve been really happy with the service that Pork Bun provides.

I used to say that Namecheap was my personal favorite domain registrar and past comparisons but due to their constant price increases it no longer makes sense for me to hold most of my domains with them. I still think it makes sense if you want that all-in-one solution for web hosting and everything under one roof but I don’t use my domains that way I host my websites on different web hosts and I’m always pointing them to different names servers so since I’m going to be pointing them out to somewhere else. Buy Domain at Cheap Price.

Anyway, Pork Bun just makes a lot of sense for my use case and I’d love to know which domain registrar is your favorite. Drop a comment down below.