10 best startups in the world: Karachi University’s two companies included

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Two startups from Karachi University have been included in the list of 10 best startups in the world in Japan.

Students of Karachi University whose start-ups have been ranked by the Japan International Corporation (JICA) as one of the “innovative” companies operating in the world. A function was held in honour of these students at Karachi University on Friday.

The students of Karachi University who participated in the ceremony from Social Champ, Xord and Pseudofi were presented with honorary badges by Shaykh-ul-Jamia Khalid Iraqi to appreciate and encourage their efforts.
It is to be noted that Japan International Corporation Agency has recently released a list  of10 best startups in the world in which two out of the top 10 companies of Pakistan are start-ups of Karachi University students.

In addition, Global Good Firms also released a list of 30 technology companies in the world, which includes Karachi University student start-ups.

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On the occasion, Shaykh-ul-Jamia Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that these efforts of the students are highly commendable and worthy of imitation, these companies are proving to be an important milestone for the improvement of Pakistan’s economy through Pakistani software exports, not only, On the contrary, software exports will further enhance Pakistan’s identity around the world.

Also present on the occasion were Director Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization, University of Karachi, Prof. Dr. Alia Rehman, Chairman, Department of Computer Science, Dr. Nadeem Mahmood and Dr. Badrasmee.

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